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Always know exactly what rate you'll pay

The rates are the same for all cards therefore you will always know exactly what rate you will pay. We don't show introductory offers so the rate you receive is the rate you stay on.

There are many factors that are taken into consideration to determine your fees - processing volume, business type, country of incorporation etc. Because we understand that every merchant is different we can only provide fees once we receive an online application. We can not provide pricing over the phone.

However, below are typical costs and fees depending on the account we provide

High Risk

With the High-Risk Account we consider most businesses

Set-Up Fee - Nil
Monthly Fee - Nil
Card Transactions - From 4%
Gateway Fee - 15p
Settlement - Weekly

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Higher Risk

With the High-Risk Account we consider all businesses

Set-Up Fee - TBC
Monthly Fee - TBC
Card Transactions - 6 - 10%
Gateway Fee - $0.20
Settlement - Daily

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Gaming Accounts

A specfic gaming merchant account and payment gateway

Minimum of 6 month processing required

Set-Up Fee - TBC
Monthly Fee - TBC
Transactions - From 3%
Gateway Fee - 20p
Settlement - Daily

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We also offer an aggregated solution for almost ALL business types struggling to find a solution as well as a non VISA eCheck processing solution

Just some of the companies that have come to us for their payment processing

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