Combined Merchant Account AND Payment Gateway in one

Everything you need to accept payments from UK and European customers

Accept credit and debit cards on your website or via a virtual terminal with our online merchant account and payment gateway

Set-Up Fee - Nil
Monthly Fee - £10
Card Transactions - 1.6% *
Gateway Fee - 20p
Rolling Reserve - 0 - 10%
Settlement - Daily
Virtual Terminal - FREE
Start-ups Accepted - YES

The costs are for both the direct merchant account and the payment gateway. If you were to get your gateway from one company and the merchant account from another, you would have the same costs, we have simply put them into one easy to use package.

* Due to higher interchange fees for non UK processing, the fee is slightly higher for Euros at 1.8% (for all card types)

We can now provide low - medium risk processing for US customers (as well as high risk) subject to application

UK and EU Incorporations
FREE virtual terminal
FREE repeat billing facility
Rates from just 1.6%
Secure platform with 100% uptime
Easy, simple application
Dedicated account manager
No monthly volumes
Trade in 120 currencies


As well as providing a merchant area allowing you to fully manage your account and request support, you will be allocated with a dedicated account manager. Not just here, but also at the acquiring bank we choose to use - each time supplied with a direct email address and direct dial phone number. This means that you get outstanding support throughout the application as well as once live and trading.

Remember you do not pay anything until your account is live!

Ready to get started?

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