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First up, what is an eCheck?

an eCheck is a form of online payment where money is electronically withdrawn from your customers account and deposited into the your checking account.

eChecks (Electronic check processing) is similar to paper check processing, only much much faster. Instead of your customers having to manually fill out a paper check and then send it to you, the process to happens electronically.

Because the payment must be confirmed and authorized by the customer it means Chargebacks are drastically reduced

You can integrate the check program on your site to accept checks from US customers. Once the echeck is accepted it will be verified and processed and then deposited into your chosen bank account.

The Pay Online service is designed to enable all your customers to send you a payment anytime. To receive a payment you do not have to speak with your customer, just ask them to click on the Pay Online icon and follow the instructions.

Once your payment is approved you will receive a PDF via email, containing a printable check, ready for deposit to your bank.

Please note that just like regular checks, eChecks can still be returned (or ‘bounce') if a person doesn’t have sufficient funds. The reason being is that when payment is initialised the system verifies whether the payer’s bank account exists, not whether there’s enough money in it. However, you can protect against yourself by setting up a verification service.

How does an eCheck work?

Send Check

Customer completes the online secure form and sends check to you electronically

Receive Check

Receive an email with the eCheck attached in PDF format ready for you to print

Print Check

You simply print the check using any good quality printer ready to deposit at the bank

Deposit Check

Just like a tradtional paper check you deposit at the bank and get paid

If required, we can arrange to accept checks on your behalf and then wire funds direct to you - additonal fees may apply

What are the benefits of eChecks?

eChecks are costs effective, saving you much more money then accepting payments with a credit card - typically costs cents rather than dollars.

Fast and convenient - Funds normally reach your account within a few days rather than weekly (or even monthly) depending on credit card payment provider.

Great if you sell higher risk products - Due to VISA clamping down hard and the risk of chargebacks, most payment providers won't set-up accounts for them. This is where our non VISA eCheck solution comes in.

Safe and secure - The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) oversees eCheck and ACH security requirements and compels businesses to take steps to protect their customers.

National Database Monitoring - Before approving a payment eCheck will verify its database for negative history based on Number, Bank Routing and Account Number and email address. Any direct match will result in declining the eCheck.


Activate your Processing in 10 mins
Complete online portal and reporting
Negative database monitoring
Save on processing fees
Get Paid for the full amount
Reduce Chargebacks
Money is taken directly from customer

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We know you want a GREAT service. We will allocate you an account manager who will take time to discuss everything with you and can contact you via email, Skype or phone. We can also handle any time differences and have agents available 24/7.

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